Scuba Diving




Diving on the southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica can be simply described as spectacular. We'll go with our colleagues at Caño Divers to explore several sites around Caño Island. Protected as a marine and biological reserve by the Costa Rican Government, the water surrounding the island is pristine and teeming with life.

Water visibility is good and can range from 45-90 feet. Temperatures hover in the upper seventies to low eighties throughout the year and provide for an exquisite diving experience.

Marine Life Encountered Around Caño Island: In one word, abundant!. Humpback Whales, Dolphins, Reef Sharks, Giant Manta Rays, Mobula Rays, Sting Rays, Sea Turtles, Groupers, Snappers, Angels, Moorish Idols, Trumpetfish, various types of Eels, Crustaceans, huge schools of Barracuda, Jacks, Grunts, and much more.

Caño Island offers some of the most exciting diving anywhere in the world.

  • Departure Time for Caño Island Dives: 8:00am
  • Average Time to Reach Dive Sights: 45min - 1hr.
  • Average Dive Depths: 60ft - 80ft

A Sample of Caño Island Dive Sights

El Bajo Del Diablo (The Depth of the Devil): The best site by far in the area and one of the best in the entire country. A huge area with many sub sites. Towering rock pinnacles rise from over 150ft to just under 20 ft. the best visibility, overall fish life and the best place to encounter Giant Mantas. An incredible maze of peaks and valleys.
Groupers, snappers and amberjack reaching 70lb, swim along side great schools of tuna, barracuda, reef sharks and a large number of different tropical fishes. More than 4 species of eels can be found as well.

Cueva Del Tiburon (Shark Cave): A small cave that is home to you guessed it, sharks! Other inhabitants include angels, butterfly, damsels and parrotfish. Moorish idols, puffers, sturgeonfish, and occasional mantas and stingrays. A very exciting dive.

Los Arcos (The Arches): Unique rock formations formed in the shape of arches. Swim through these towering underwater arches and see fish life similar to the Shark Cave due to its close proximity.

El Barco (The Wreck): No wreck here, only a variety of rock formations with the areas most plentiful hard corals.
Fish life profuse and a great dive to encounter white tip reef sharks, stingrays, and an occasional sea turtle.

Paraiso (Paradise): Prolific fish life. Excellent site to view white tip reef sharks. Large schools of big groupers, snappers, tuna, and rooter fish can be found here as well as a number of smaller species mentioned earlier.

Other Information:

The purchase of DAN (Divers Alert Network) Insurance is highly recommended prior to arriving in Costa Rica. Cost for basic coverage is inexpensive (around $35us) and is well worth the price if an unforeseen accident should occur.
Note: We are required by the regulations governing visits to the National Parks and Protected Areas of the Osa Peninsula to arrange and confirm any tours you have booked for Corcovado National Park , Sirena Park Station and Cano Island in advance. The quota of visitors admitted daily to each park station is limited by law. Because of the volume of people wanting to visit the park, making changes to your itinerary may not always be possible.