Night Tour





You may have noticed that just as you start to think about sleep, the forest wakes up. In fact over 60 percent of the species in this tropical forest are nocturnal. Expect to see some extraordinary bugs. Accompanied by a guide, a night tour around the property offers a fascinating glimpse into a secret world.

The night tour is a great and exciting opportunity to be able to perceive the forest and its wildlife in a whole different way.

Beginning from the hotel into the rainforest looking for all kinds of strange and exotic creatures. The thrill of entering into the rainforest at night is incomparable. As smells and sounds fill your senses, the jungle embraces you on each step.

On every expedition the chances of seeing wildlife vary greatly as we can find all kinds of different animals like the Red Eyed Tree Frog, Tarantulas, and with luck even the shy and secretive Tapir.

We provide all the necessary equipment like flashlights and rubber boots for your safety on the expedition. So don’t miss out on this incredible experience in the rainforest. For it’s a unique and marvelous adventure that you will never forget.

This is also our coolest tour!
Your starting time can be arranged with your guide.