Mangrove Tour




The delta formed by the Sierpe and Terraba Rivers holds great biological wealth. Here is found the largest mangrove forest system in Central America. The importance of this was recognized by the Costa Rican government and it is now a protected area.

Mangroves which were once considered worthless swampland have been shown to be of great benefit to man. They are the nurseries where many of our fish and shrimp species breed and produce more that any other possible use of the land. Mangroves also play an important role in improving water quality and controlling sedimentation and erosion.

After a leisurely breakfast enjoy a boat ride to the storied gold island, Isla Violin, where you will have a chance to immerse yourself in the mangrove forest in kayaks. This a chance to explore the small channels and a good opportunity to spot squirrel monkies, caimans, crocodiles, boas and some of the almost 100 species of birds that can be found here.

After a couple of hours in kayaks we will rejoin our speed boat and venture through a little traveled area in the mangrove forest and arrive at an incredible, isolated tropical beach for a picnic lunch.

After lunch on the journey back to the hotel we will investigate imposing offshore rocks that thrust from the sea and are the nesting site of many seabirds including the ‘’magnificent frigatebird’’. This is a day full of many adventures and won’t soon be forgotten.