Sirena Park Station




The Sirena ranger station is situated in the heart of Corcovado National Park and is the only station situated on the Corcovado plain, where wildlife is more easily observed.

The trails surrounding the Sirena ranger station offer some of the best opportunities in Costa Rica for wildlife viewing. The tour starts after breakfast when you and your guide will meet a chartered boat at the beach. On board will be fresh fruit and cold refreshments. The boat trip, heading south along a beautiful stretch of coast will take approximately an hour and a half. When the boat arrives there will be a beach landing after which you can decide at what time to take a break at the ranger station and which of the trails you are going to explore.

The Guanacaste Trail begins just 600 meters from the ranger station. Approximately 2 km. long, this trail has earned its name from the large number of Guanacaste trees found along the trail. Relatively flat and easy to navigate, the trail initially winds through primary rainforest, which is very dense and possesses taller, older trees. Later, as it nears the Sirena River, it enters into secondary rainforest, where the canopy is noticeably thinner and low lying. There are several rivers and/or streams to cross, leaving the trail quite muddy in low-lying areas, particularly during the rainy season. The hike along the Guanacaste trail takes approximately 1 hour to complete, which will bring you right down to the Sirena River.
The Espuvellas trail, is 2.5 km. long and runs through primary rainforest behind the Sirena Ranger Station. This trail is also quite flat, easy to navigate and crosses several small streams and/or rivers. The canopy overhead is very thick, with little direct sunlight reaching the trail floor. To complete the entire trail one should expect to hike for approximately 2 hours.

The Rio Claro trail is only 1 km long and connects the ranger station to the beach area, just to the right of the Claro River. The initial portion of this trail is very different than the two previous trails. The canopy overhead is very thin, and the trail has a much more coastal or beach like feel to it. The first half of the trail is lined with beautiful heliconia plants and colorful berry trees, some of which hang overhead. The ground in this section is considerably drier due to the direct sunlight that hits the trail. Near the midway point of the trail the rainforest becomes denser and begins to resemble the Guanacaste and Espuvellas trails. You will, for a short time, need to straddle a river than runs adjacent to the trail, which can get muddy and wet during the rainy season. Your hike comes to an end as the trail reaches the park station, after approximately 30 minutes of hiking.

To complete these three trails one should expect to hike for approximately 3 1/2 hours,but much depends on the weather, trail conditions and your interest level, you will need time as the rainforest is a very complex community of living organisms,with so much to see.

We are required by the regulations governing visits to the National Parks and Protected Areas of the Osa Peninsula to arrange and confirm any tours you have booked for Corcovado National Park , Sirena Park Station and Cano Island in advance. The quota of visitors admitted daily to each park station is limited by law. Because of the volume of people wanting to visit the park, making changes to your itinerary may not always be possible.