Hiking in Corcovado National Park




Corcovado is the last remaining Pacific lowland rainforest of sustainable size in Central America and has been called "the most biologically intense place on earth" by no less an authority than the National Geographic Society.
Here among Costa Rica's largest trees can be found Central America's densest populations of tapir, jaguar and scarlet macaws.

Constrained within this tropical wilderness is an immense biodiversity and this will be your chance to explore it.

Starting out from the lodge with your naturalist guide you journey into Corcovado National Park.
The cool morning hours offer a good opportunity to spot wildlife and to observe some of the incredible variety of birds that abound in the park.

Along the trail your guide will have a chance to tell you some of the fascinating stories about life in the rainforest and point many things out to you. Later, coming down through the forest you will find a river and then discover an incredible waterfall. Now is your chance to cool off in one of the shaded pools of the rushing river. Afterwards, you wind your way down the river until reaching the Park Station at San Pedrillo. There under shade trees on the beach you will enjoy fresh fruit and ice-cold drinks. Afterwards it’s a short distance along the coastal trail to return to our property where we will serve a delicious lunch at the picnic area on our secluded beach. Join us later for a frosty margarita and to watch the sunset. As you watch the sun melt into the sea you can reflect upon the wonders of the most intricate and intense place on earth, the rainforest of the Osa Península.

We are required by the regulations governing visits to the National Parks and Protected Areas of the Osa Peninsula to arrange and confirm any tours you have booked for Corcovado National Park , Sirena Park Station and Cano Island in advance. The quota of visitors admitted daily to each park station is limited by law. Because of the volume of people wanting to visit the park, making changes to your itinerary may not always be possible.