Early Bird Tour




Just after first light, we invite you on a quest to discover the world of incredible variety, of the ‘’Birds of Corcovado’’.

Share the cool morning air with some of the over 350 species of birds found in the Peninsula de Osa.

Your day begins at 5:30 am in the ‘’Bar El Bosque’’ where you can have coffee or tea before the excursion. We recommend that you bring binoculars, a bird book or the booklet, ‘’Let’s Go Birding’’ that’s in your room or that can be found in the office. We also suggest that you use closed shoes and bring raingear or an umbrella if there is a chance of rain.

The first stop of the tour will be the ‘’Margarita Sunset Bar’’ where we might have a chance to observe Scarlet Macaws, Chestnut Mandibled Toucans, Brown Pelicans and Magnificent Frigatebirds.

Coming down to the bridge and approaching ‘’Inspiration Point’’ we hope to see many different birds including Scarlet Tanagers, Summer Tanagers, Red-capped Manakins, Red –legged Honeycreepers, Turquoise Cotingas, Scarlet-rumped Caciques, White –vented Euphonias, Yellow-billed Caciques, Eastern Meadowlarks

Of course we will also have a good chance to see other wildlife and admire the butterflies floating above us, especially the blue morphos with are spectacular in the morning light.

As the mist rises off the rainforest floor and the majestic trees tower above, you will feel harmony and peace and feel like the first explorers of a primeval forest.