Massage Retreat

Cynthia has worked many years with us at Casa Corcovado and has recently earned her diploma in massage therapy. She has also studied Thai and bamboo massage.

A relaxing massage or treatment with organic tropical ingredients, infused with natural healing properties, will entice your senses and revitalize the spirit.

Massage Boruca

This massage will relax and soothe tired muscles utilizing soft or more vigorous stroke targeting your specific areas of concern.

 Massage with Bamboo

This treatment will caress your body with the magic of nature to absorb energies and promote inner peace.

 Massage Rejuvenator

This massage will purify and detoxify your system, eliminate excess liquids, regenerate tissues, reduce the symptoms of cellulite and stimulate the lymphatic pathways.

 Massage Brobroyra

This is a treatment originally from Thailand with mystic influences from our indigenous culture. A spiritual practice that consists of passive yoga postures and meditation that guides the flow of energy, calms your mind and relaxes your muscles.

 Massage Bini Ac

The Boruca, natives of the Osa Peninsula, used sacred, magical stones, Siá, for healing. This ‘’Hot Stone’’ massage has deep healing properties.

 Massage Shús

Conch shells, Shús, given birth in the ocean will submerge you in a peaceful world, washing away stress and pain.

 Gourmet Facial

A deep cleaning facial with poppy, linseed or watermelon seed followed by a moisturizing mask of honey, avocado, banana, watermelon, cucumber or mango. We finish with a tonic and application of lavender and geranium cream.


A gentle exfoliation and nail therapy followed by application of a tonic and massage with hydrating cream.

Exfoliation & Scrubs

 Tropical Scrub with Coconut:

Fresh coconut and sea salt will awaken tired, lifeless skin. An extra touch of citrus will purify, tone and leave you refreshed and invigorated.

 Scrub with Organic Coffee.

The golden grain of Costa Rica will energize, detoxify and increase circulation. The Aromatherapy effect of vanilla will create a sense of peace and harmony.

Wraps and Clay.

 Ritual of the Gods.

The sacred essence of chocolate will hydrate and revitalize your skin and reduce cellulite. The addition of essential oil of orange will raise your spirits and lower levels of anxiety.

 Boruca Rainforest Clay Wrap.

This treatment with 100% organic clay will absorb impurities from the skin and restore the skin’s balance. Aromatherapy with lavender will relax, harmonize and treat insomnia.

Spa Guide.

We recommend that you make reservations with 24 hours anticipation.

Please advise the therapist of any concerns, health issues or if you could be pregnant.

For your enhanced enjoyment let us know if you prefer a different fragrance or texture in your treatment.

All our products are 100% organic, made in Costa Rica and are environmentally friendly.


Most body treatments are enjoyed without clothing but if you feel more at ease wearing a bathing suit or undergarments, please do so.

During all treatments, the body is fully draped, except for the area being worked on, to ensure that your privacy and comfort are maintained.


Please pay your therapist in cash on the day of your treatment.