Working With Nature

Our Vision 

Hotel Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge holds as our vision to be a model in Costa Rica of high quality service while being immersed in a remote Rainforest and following guidelines of sustainability that permit the protection of the environment.

To be successful as a business we need to share a unique, natural experience with our guests that reflects great love and respect for nature.

Mission Statement

“Different by Nature” & “Working with Nature”

Quality of service and an unforgettable experience everyday.

To maintain an exceptional level of service and offer an adventure that is different because of the remarkable natural beauty that surrounds our guests.

-To offer extraordinary memories to our visitors and to be a model of sustainable tourism.

-To reinforce everyday our mission, to be different and to work with nature to be authentic, animated and service oriented and proud of our values and traditions.

-To be a model of “best practices” in sustainable tourism and to work for the protection and conservation of the incredible biodiversity that we help protect.

-To immerse our guest in a transforming event that invites them to become part of a naturalist team with great environmental sensibility and a sincere love for the natural world and to help work for a healthier planet.

Sustainable Tourism

Casa Corcovado since its beginning in 1994 has tried to be an example of responsible tourism and is actively working on two different certification programs for sustainable tourism. We have been leader in alternative energy, waste management and re-cycling.  We financed a re-cycling center in Sierpe, collaborating with the local High School and whose earnings go to help the school. We have been a major supporter of local conservation and have been involved in supporting our areas development and well-being.

Our goal is to be an example, to give back to our communities and, to work together to preserve the natural heritage of Corcovado for future generations.


The Certification in Sustainable Tourism Program – CST – is a product of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT). CST was designed to differentiate tourism sector businesses based on the degree to which they comply with a sustainable model of natural, cultural and social resource management.

CST is regulated by the Costa Rican National Accreditation Commission and consists of a scale of 5 “levels” of sustainable tourism achievement.