Sustainable Travel


Hotel Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge being conscious of: 

a. The reality of tourism as a world phenomenon impacts the highest and most sincere aspirations of countries and communities and is an important element in social, economic and political development in our country and particularly in the Osa Peninsula.

b. That the Natural Resources that tourism is based on are fragile and limited and that there exists a growing demand to protect and improve the natural environment.

c. Tourism offers the opportunity to travel and know other societies, it can promote, help to bring together and foster peace between peoples creating a respect for the diversity of our lifestyles and cultures.

d. The need to develop a tourism that satisfies economic expectations and environmental concerns, that not only respects the socioeconomic structure and fiscal structure of our destination but also the populations and communities that receive that tourism.

We need to consider the priority to protect and reinforce human dignity in our employees, communities, suppliers and our clients and to establish efficient alliances between the principal parties that participate in the tourism sector, we hope to forge a tourism that can be more responsible in protecting our natural heritage.

For these reasons we have a commitment to create a policy for sustainable tourism that requires the support, promotion and management of steps that lead to a tourism that is compatible with the environment. We need the support travel agencies, suppliers, friends and collaborators that will help make viable the transformation of the tourist sector and guarantee the development of sustainable tourism.

This is why we would like to ask everyone who is involved in our industry to read this document that represents the compromise that exist between all parties for an alliance to develop true Sustainable Tourism.

Geovanny Ramírez

Gerente General

Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge

Policy For Sustainable Tourism


1. The development of tourism should be based on standards of sustainability; this means that it should be ecologically supportable over the long-term and economically viable and equitable from an ethical and social perspective.2.Tourism will have to contribute to sustainable development integrating itself with the natural, cultural and human realms and respecting the delicate balance that is found in many tourist destinations.

3. The Tourism sector should evolve to reach a balance that is acceptable in its effect on natural resources and biodiversity and the ability of exploited areas to absorb the impact on their fragile ecosystems.

4. The tourism sector needs to consider their impact on the cultural patrimony, of the elements, activities and traditional dynamics of the local communities.

5. The active contribution of our industry in the development of sustainable tourism will need solidarity, mutual respect and the participation of all the sectors involved in the process.

6. Conservation, protection and appreciation of the value of natural and cultural patrimony will be essential.

7. Criterion of quality oriented towards the guest, needs to balance the preservation of the tourist destination with the satisfaction of our clients.

8. Options of tourist development need to work for the betterment and enrich the social and cultural existence of the community.

9. Special attention is called for in the area of transportation and its effects on the environment, as in the elaboration of instruments and methods required for the reduction of energy consumption and the use of non-renewable resources. We must also improve re-cycling practices and minimize waste at tourist facilities.

10. With the goal that tourism be sustainable, it’s fundamental that guide lines of ethical and moral conduct be put in place.

11. It is necessary to provide for programs to sensitize and inform all parties involved in the tourism industry to the challenges ahead.

12. We need to follow-up, evaluate and share our experiences in the evolution of this undertaking which is so essential to the future of our industry and the world.