Support and Donations


The hotel is actively working on two different programs of sustainable tourism, one with a non-profit organization, Rainforest Alliance and another with the Costa Rica Tourist Board. This entails and education programs in many different areas including, best practices in sustainable tourism and environmental protection, emergency response and first aid, handling of solid waste and recycling and imparting information on protected areas and the socio-cultural realities of our communities

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We have been involved in many projects to support the National Park and local communities over the years. The owner of Casa Corcovado is the co-founder and president of the non-profit Corcovado Foundation. He felt that “Eco-Tourism” had to move to become more pro-active and to take a lead in protecting the environment. With the support of other lodge owners, the local community and international conservation organizations impressive results have been achieved. The Corcovado Foundation has taken a hands-on approach and is currently managing over 12 programs in the Osa Peninsula. Much work still needs to be done to preserve the natural heritage of Corcovado for future generations. If you would like more information on the Corcovado Foundation please see the web site at: