Our Policies

Policies for Sustainable Tourism
Hotel Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge has defined its policies for sustainable tourism based upon ideas to protect the environment and to promote positive cultural, social and economic values. These politics are also based upon documentation and controls that support these goals. Our policies are detailed in the following document:
Environmental Policies:
  • To promote the responsible consumption of water through concrete actions, such as a system of hydrometers to measure usage and practices to use less water in showers, lavatories and toilets, etc.
  • To adequately manage solid waste through a re-cycling program whose premises are to: reduce, reject, reuse and re-cycling.
  • To favor the acquisition and use of materials, substances both liquids and solids that are biodegradable.
  • To prohibit hunting and the extraction of species of flora and fauna from the natural environment.
  • To treat all waste waters that are generated by the hotel with septic systems that guarantee that there is no contamination.
  • To reach the goal of self sufficiency in the production of alternative energy. Presently we have hydroelectric and solar systems that produce part of our energy and use auxiliary diesel generators when needed.
  • To support and collaborate with organizations who promote environmental “Best Practices” and defend the biodiversity and natural heritage of Costa Rica.
Economical Policies:
  • To give preference to local suppliers to stimulate the area’s economy and support residents of our communities.
  • To support economically, communal associations, schools and non-profit organizations.
  • To motivate our employees to participate at least two times a year in volunteer programs to help our local communities.
  • To generate an agreeable work environment and an atmosphere of mutual respect that will stimulate personal growth.
  • To comply with all tax, social security and insurance obligations in a timely and consistent way.
  • To reward the employees who work in an exceptional manner with incentives, monetary and otherwise.
Social Policies
  • To educate our personal to at all times treat their fellow employees and guests in a friendly and positive way and dress in their respective uniforms which should be complete and well cleaned.
  • To not sell or permit the consumption of alcohol or cigarettes by minors or allow their use by employees during working hours.
  • To prohibit in the Hotel the use or sale of any drug or narcotic substance.
  • To when possible give preference to hiring people from the local communities without consideration of race, religion, sex or political affiliation.
  • To impart to all participants in our tours information about security and insure that our guides always carry radios and basic first aid kits.
  • To handle emergencies and tests of our ability to handle them in a way that conforms to the “Manual of Procedures” that is available to our personal, guests and visitors.
  • To not permit in any form sexual tourism or child exploitation and to denounce it to competent legal authorities if encountered.
Cultural Policies
  • To promote in a programmed fashion in the hotel and in visits to local communities, cultural values and traditions, to reinforce and educate or employees and guests about this heritage.
Policies of Documentation
  • To retain and archive all documents and accounting in a good state of preservation for a minimum of five years.
  • To back-up all digital information in a separate CD or DVD at least once a month.
  • To make sure that all documents that are circulated in the hotel or in its office in San José respect the form of a controlled document.