Horseback Riding

Half and full day guided tours for all levels of riders from beginner to advanced are available. Both the full day and half day tours start their adventure in the morning as you head out with your guide for just a 15-20 minute boat ride to a true tropical paradise, San Josecito Beach. The half day tour will follow the coast around a rocky headland and then cross the beautiful, Rio Claro. The coast then has palm lined beaches interspersed with shaded points. After about and hour and a half you will reach a small bay with a nice swimming beach, Playa Caletas.

After a refreshing swim it will be time to head back to meet your boat. The full day adventure will take you along San Josecito beach and then you follow a trail through the jungle passing remote homesteads and observing the incredible variety of plant life, butterflies and an abundance of bird species. After about two and a half hours of the trail ride there appears a beautiful crystal clear river, where there will be ample time to refresh yourself in a natural pool and be stunned by the force and majesty of an unforgettable waterfall. A short ride away you come upon a rustic lodge in a clearing where it´s lunchtime. Your hosts, Gregorio and his wife, will be serving a traditional Costa Rican meal while you relax in the shade. When lunch is over it´s back into the saddle. Starting back you begin to catch views of the ocean through the trees as you head down towards San Josecito beach where large flocks of scarlet macaws are common. Here there is a chance to gallop along a white sand beach, the sparking ocean on one side and the forest behind. Your boat will be waiting to take you back to the lodge, with the late afternoon sun slanting through the trees you will be weary but aglow with the vivid images of a day unlike any other.