Costa Rica

One of life’s treasured moments is finding a special and unique place in another land. Experience a bit of paradise, Costa Rica situated at just ten degrees latitude north of the equator, this tropical nation receives sunlight from a nearly overhead angle year-round and day length does not vary more than an hour either way from 12-hours of daylight. This means that annual temperatures remain quite constant for any particular place in the country at a given hour. In other words, the temperature in San José, say, at noon averages 25.5º C in June and 23.5º C in December-hardly a significant difference.

Due to its position, it has flora and fauna found in both Northern and Southern hemispheres. The official language spoken is Spanish; English is widely spoken also.

Costa Rica is a fascinating international destination with undiscovered wildlife, there are 760 species of birds (more than the US and Canada combined) 900 species of trees, and 1200 orchids, and ten percent of the world’s butterflies.